Hantler Harness | Limited edition Olive

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Hantler Harness | Limited edition Olive

This Hantler is handmade and crafted out of the best leather in town. Make sure you get the most out of your photography session; by shooting rapidly and efficiently, the Hantler makes it easy to switch between cameras (and lenses). Because the Hantler distributes the weight, carrying two cameras has never felt so light before. This makes the product ideal for long photo days such as an adventure through nature or photographing weddings, sports competitions and events/festivals.

It comes with two attachment points for your cameras. Once your cameras are attached you can easily slide them up to take your shots. The leather straps are cut in such a way that they do not cut under the armpits. The back piece has space for engraving your personal design or company logo. A fine storage bag is also included with your order. This harness is suitable for all camera models. The cameras can be attached using the tripod mount of your cameras/lenses ( 1/4″ ).

Additional information

Color Leather

Olive green

Color Hardware

Brass, Bullet, Old Silver

Camera attachment

2 Cameras


Optional with a personal design or company logo


1 Year

estimated shipping: within 21 days

Please keep in mind this type of leather is very sensitive to external influences and can quickly show signs of use, weather influences or other causes.

Be sure to attach and detach your cameras while you are wearing the Hantler.
Make sure you always secure your cameras with the safety straps.
You can pick the color of the hardware parts but remember the quick release clip wil always be in stainless steel.

Remember that personalized products cannot be returned and the right of withdrawal no longer applies.

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